Top 5 Money Saving Tips When Travelling Overseas


Stop paying those high prices when you’re travelling abroad! We talked to Christoph Geidner, Head of Cards at CBI, to get his top five money saving tips so that you can get more out of your next holiday overseas.


Money saving tip #1



Before you’ve even booked your next holiday, search your credit card rewards programmes for flight, hotel and car hire discounts or vouchers.


CBI Rewards Program offers CBI credit card customers the ability to easily search, book and pay for flights using CBI rewards points directly from one website


Can’t wait for your next free holiday, but falling short of the points required? Simply buy more rewards points to help you hop on to your next flight faster.


In addition, CBI World MasterCard customers can enjoy 10% discount on flights when booking with their card on ClearTrip for any international round-trip airfare*!


*Only applicable on the base fare, excluding taxes.  


Money saving tip #2


If you’re going overseas, you should always consider having a travel insurance! But before you shell out cash for cover, check to see if YOUR credit card already offers free travel insurance.


Enjoy complimentary travel insurance with your CBI Rewards World MasterCard so you can spend more on fun things!


Money saving tip #3



Confused about which currency you should choose when shopping overseas? If presented with the option, ALWAYS select the local currency or else you’re allowing the shop to charge any foreign exchange rate they choose.


And, if you’re travelling to Europe this winter or are a frequent traveller for business - did you know that CBI customers could open a free Euro currency account with Euro debit card? Simply deposit Dirhams for Euros (exchanged at the daily foreign exchange rates stated here). This way, you can enjoy hassle-free European vacations! Voila!


Money saving tip #4



In this digital world, free websites like or help us shop around easily comparing costs of hotels, flights and car hires for you. Often, however, the same hotel will display different prices on various third-party sites. To make sure you’re getting the best price possible, try deleting your browser cookies and comparing various aggregate sites before you settle on your final choice.


Money saving tip #5



For added security and to save you a headache, it’s wise to use your credit card, when purchasing items overseas, just in case that impulse purchase turns out to be less than you expected. Some credit cards like the CBI Visa Platinum Credit Card offer free extended warranty and protection, which means you’re covered in the event of your purchases being lost, stolen or damaged


Before you jet set abroad, take some time to consider all of the benefits you could get from your credit card provider. Maximize your CBI rewards points by booking your next holiday on your credit card. Soon, you’ll be travelling free!