Business Email Compromise

What is Business Email Compromise?

Business Email Compromise is when fraudsters send an email message to companies or individuals that appears to have come from a known source (associate / vendor / supplier). The email may seem to be about legitimate request to change beneficiary bank account details for regular / future money transfers or payments.

Fraudster communicate with the victim through compromised/look alike spoofed email account or website. They use slight variations on legitimate addresses (for example, vs. in order to fool victims into thinking that the fake accounts are authentic.


How to protect yourself from Business Email Compromise scams?

    • Carefully examine the email address and spelling used in any correspondence.
    • Confirm requests for transfer of funds and changes in payment accounts through alternate mediums, such as a previously used phone number or fax, and not through the contact details listed in the suspicious email.
    • Fraudulent email requests may sometimes contain poor design, grammar typos, or bad spelling.
    • Be especially wary if the requestor is pressuring you to act quickly and with a sense of urgency.
    • Be on the lookout for emails that request unusual payments, such as unknown vendors or merchants, currencies you don't usually use, and high amounts or values of the requested payment.
    • Should you become a victim of a Business Email Compromise, you should immediately notify CBI customer service agent 24/7 on 600544440.