Vishing Scams / Phone Fraud

How Vishing Scam / Phone Fraud works:

    • Fraudsters might impersonate themselves as Government Agencies, Police, Regulators, Banks, etc.
    • Fraudsters may also fake their caller-identification, making it appear as if the call is legitimate.
    • Fraudsters might mention some of your personal information, which they had obtained from open sources, to gain your trust.
    • They will create a sense of urgency.
    • They might use threats to close your account or cancel your ATM / credit card.
    • They will ask you to share your confidential information such as passwords, card number, etc.


Be alert and diligent by applying the following security tips:

    • Always validate a person’s organization by calling them back through an official phone number.
    • If you are told of a direct action on your bank account or ATM / credit card, contact the CBI customer service agents 24/7 on 600544440 and verify the same.
    • Do not share any confidential information such as Username, Password, PIN, three-digit CVV number or OTP with anyone over the phone or otherwise.