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Terms & Conditions


To qualify for CBI First your referral must meet one of the below criteria:


    • Transfer their monthly salary of AED 40,000 or more to CBI, OR
    • Maintain account balance of AED 300,000 or more, OR
    • Avail a Home Loan of AED 2m or more


Reward points to be based on the type of credit card availed by the referee:


    • Rewards Platinum Card – Member gets up to AED 200 cash back, Referee gets 10,000 reward points
    • Rewards World Card – Member gets up to AED 350 cash back, Referee gets 20,000 reward points
    • CBI First Credit Card – Member gets up to AED 500 cash back, Referee gets 30,000 reward points
  • Valid only if the referee’s application is approved by CBI and offer accepted by the referee
  • Referee to activate and spend within one-month post disbursal for both cardholder and the referee to get the reward points
  • Customers who are currently CBI Credit Card holders or have already applied for CBI credit card products are not eligible to be referred in this referral program
  • Any existing customer who refers outside of the ‘CBI Member Get Member’ offer will not be eligible for this reward
  • The offer is applicable for referrals for Rewards Platinum, Rewards World and CBI First credit cards only
  • This offer is not extended to CBI employees or CBI outsourced staff
  • CBI reserves the right to amend terms and conditions at any time without any prior notification to the Cardholder
  • Reward points will be automatically credited post the referee activates and spends on the card.