CBI AML & KYC Policy

CBI maintains a well structured AML & KYC policy (Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy). This policy has been designed and monitored by highly professional and knowledgeable banking and legal experts through adopting internationally endorsed standards and controls.

As a financial institution, CBI continues to develop the policy in consideration of its vital role in managing the bank’s dealings, transactions, and all operational aspects on all levels i.e. personnel, personal banking, corporate banking, institutional banking and others.

Our policy fulfils the following purposes:

  • Better identify our customers.
  • Increase our understanding of customer needs.
  • KYC is not only the driving force for prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, but it is also the foundation of a professional and rewarding business relationship with our customers.
  • Protects CBI and CBI customers from risk through enhancing full transparency and disclosure.


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CBI Compliance Statement of Approach 

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