National Loans Scheme

In line with CBI's commitment to help UAE Nationals to manage their debts better, we are pleased to announce our participation in UAE Central Bank’s initiative on Nationals Loans Scheme.
Nationals Loans Scheme is an initiative by UAE Central Bank aimed at easing the debt burden of UAE Nationals by helping them in managing their debt settlements



Eligibility Criteria 

  • Origination date of the loan should be before MAY 2011
  • DSR with CBI should be greater than 50% for regular customers and for Pensioners greater than 30%
  • Tenure should be > 4 Years for regular customers and for MOD customers tenure should be > 5 years
  • Customer’s consent to be taken for participation in the NLS scheme
  • No additional facility to be granted to customers opting in under this scheme for the rest of the tenure of the facility by primary bank, any secondary bank or financial institution or finance company
  • Interest rate/Profit rate to be reduced to 3M EIBOR


You may apply now to the National Loan Scheme, Click here