CBI Privileges

Exclusive offers on dining, travel, lifestyle and more with CBI Credit Cards

Travel In Style & Relax At

  • 850 lounges with CBI First, Rewards World Cards
  • 25 lounges with Rewards Platinum Credit Card
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Get quick cash today

  • Get up to 50% of your credit card limit in cash when you call us today

Supplementary Cards

  • Make your family members a part of your journey through these cards
  • Additional cards are free
  • You control their credit limits
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Balance Transfer

  • Up to 80% balance transfer option available
  • Transfer your balance for 3 or 6 months at no interest
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Cash Transfer

  • Bank anytime, anywhere with our mobile and phone banking
  • Current account with salary transfer
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0% Equal Installment Plans

  • Enjoy 0% interest when you shop at our partner outlets
  • Enjoy 0% interest on any school or university fee in the UAE
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