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CBI eSaver 3% account


Our new eSaver account offers you attractive Interest Rate and gives you the flexibility to access your funds anytime putting you in control of your savings!

 *New features are effective from the 4th of December 2019.

*Interest rates are calculated based on the daily balance


Already a CBI customer? Follow these simple steps now:

    • Login to CBI Internet Banking
    • Open your eSaver account using "Apply for Product"
    • Make a deposit into your new account

Not a CBI customer yet? 

  • Just click 'Apply now' button and fill the online form so we can get in touch with you shortly


Supporting documents for New CBI Customers:

  • Your original passport (with at least 1 month left before expiry)
  • A valid Visa for expatriates
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Proof of address (such as bank statement, utility bill, letter of employment, tenancy agreement)
  • For non-residents: a reference letter from your current bank
  • No Minimum Balance Required 

Terms & Conditions: 

    • Existing customers can avail this rate on receipt of new funds only
    • eSaver account can only be opened using our Internet Banking
    • Limited withdrawals (One withdrawal per month).*
    • Limited time offer
    • Other T&C’s may apply


The Customer agrees that at the sole discretion of the Bank, the interest rate and its application on an account may change at any time without prior notice to the Customer. The Customer agrees to refer to the Bank's official website for the applicable interest rate and charges (which may be amended at any time).

The Customer agrees that in relation to savings accounts, the Customer shall not be entitled to any interest applicable on the available funds in the savings accounts in case there is more than one withdrawal in the account in one calendar month. All withdrawals from the savings account shall be  considered for interest forfeiture except fees and charges

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